About Us


Community Cinemas (CommCi) was created and launched by area youth through the County Collectives non-profit.  We partnered with the Longmont Community Foundation to help make us a reality as they are our fiscal sponsor until we fully complete the 501c3 process.


Empowerment through Equity


Empowering historically marginalized groups to positively lead and mobilize community transformation through youth-centered leadership, knowledge, and opportunities for action


Art is the way many youths create today, and film helps to break many barriers.  CommCi was born to positively impact the following community barriers: 

  1. COVID - The safest entertainment possible
  2. Polarization - Spaces for neighborly discourse (through our film panel series)
  3. Recession - Helping non-profits innovatively fundraise
  4. Hope / Purpose - Helping to provide jobs, leadership, and volunteer opportunities

To that end, a significant portion of all sales, including tickets, admission, parking, concessions, and meals, will go to area non-profits.

Donation: A significant portion of admission and fees goes to local non-profits. That’s right, you get to start 2021 on Santa’s good list!

We intend to spread the love, so a different non-profit will benefit from each dinner & movie time slot.  If you know of any non-profit that would be interested in hosting a movie day or want to create a fundraising opportunity, please join the non-profit and its leadership to get in touch with us as fundraising opportunities are closing out fast.

How do we pick our films?

Hopefully by now, you have seen us online asking what movies you want to see.  Additionally, when you register, you will be able to let us know what you want us to show.  

That said, we MUST also get approval from the filmmakers and producers as well.  So this means we can show it in some locations and on some days but not others.  Hollywood is picky, we KNOW!

We have also developed a bit of a “board” that represents various county constituents who will provide insight on what movies to select for particular locations. The movies will serve general audiences as well as diverse audiences.  Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this board.

Diversity for this experience means that many movies will have closed captioning (CC), and some will have CC in other languages, such as Spanish; that movies with more adult content may not play in residential locations, but may play in more commercial locations; and that discussions about show themes will occur after certain films.*  Diversity also means that we will work hard to partner with a diverse slate of vendors, restaurants, and non-profits.


For Donations to the County Collective or CommCi, please donate directly with this button:


*noted within the movie description.